Smart Ways to Reinvest Your Tax Return Into Your House

While some people dread tax season, many others who are entitled to refunds from the IRS look forward to it. The size of a tax refund can vary depending on a number of factors, but the average federal tax refund is around $2,895. Getting a refund of this size can be exciting, so many people use the money to celebrate….

recycle old light bulbs
6 Ways to Recycle Old Light Bulbs Into Something Fun

When light bulbs burn out, what do you do with them? Most lights can be thrown straight into the trash, while CFLs can be recycled, but these are far from the only way to deal with old bulbs! Used light bulbs are just as likely to make your ecological footprint deeper as any other disposable item in your home. Adding…

6 Essential Steps to Prep for House Hunting

Buying a house can be incredibly exciting, and it is considered a major milestone for most adults. However, nobody ever said house hunting was easy—in fact, the process typically contains numerous challenges that can put even the most balanced and optimistic people on edge. However, there’s no reason to despair! You can reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with…

Are You Vacuuming the Wrong Way? 5 Tips to A Cleaner Home

Many people think of vacuuming as one of the easiest household chores. But, if you’re simply dragging the vacuum back and forth over the floor, you could be leaving dirt, dust, and dander behind! Start vacuuming the right way by following these five tips: 1. Choose the Right Vacuum The first step to learning how to vacuum properly is choosing…

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