How HomeSelfe can Help you Win Listings

energy audit software

As a REALTOR®, you face a lot of competition when going after new listings, so it’s important to find a way to differentiate yourself from other REALTOR® in the area. Thinking about progressive ways to draw more clients is crucial to success.cOne way to impress sellers is using HomeSelfe, energy audit software that can be accessed via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

What is HomeSelfe?

HomeSelfe is an app that allows REALTOR® to conduct home energy audits in just a few minutes. Professional home energy audits can cost hundreds of dollars, but HomeSelfe provides the same information in a more convenient format for free. To conduct the audit, REALTOR® simply open the app and answer a few questions about the home. For instance, the app may ask about the home’s insulation or the types of kitchen appliances.

After the questions have been answered, HomeSelfe produces a custom report that contains recommendations on how to make the home more energy efficient. For example, the app may suggest caulking around windows or adding insulation. HomeSelfe also tells homeowners how much they can save every year on energy costs by making each upgrade, so they can prioritize the most valuable projects.

energy audit software

How Does HomeSelfe Help Sellers?

Buyers are beginning to understand that purchasing an energy efficient home is not only better for the environment, but also a great way to save money on annual bills. As homebuyers have become more aware of the benefits of an energy efficient home, the demand for these green homes has increased. In fact, buyers are even willing to spend more money on a home that has green upgrades. Research has shown that buyers spend about $15-20 more per every $1 in annual energy savings. For example, if you’re able to show buyers that they can save around $150 a year on utility bills because of energy efficient upgrades, they may pay $2,250-$3,000 more to buy the house.

How to Use HomeSelfe During A Listing Presentation

Instead of just talking to sellers about how you’ll show their home and what experience you have, take out your HomeSelfe app and walk them through an energy audit. REALTOR® should explain to sellers that they’re able to increase the listing price of their home and put more money in their pockets just by following the recommendations provided by this energy audit software. Describe how you’ll market the listing as an energy efficient home to attract more buyers and create buzz. You can even provide them with a custom branded report after the presentation so they can look it over in private. Presenting this information shows sellers that you’re thinking outside of the box, knowledgeable about market trends, and most importantly, looking out for their best interests.

Using HomeSelfe’s energy audit software during your listing presentation is a great way to stand out from other REALTOR® in the community. Before you know it, you’ll land more listings, build the trust of new clients, and grow your business with HomeSelfe’s help!