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Accountability & Monitoring

The green/high-performance home (HPH) market is emerging at a rapid pace; your agents have probably been involved in more HPH transactions than they recognize. We can help them realize the potential of this new marketplace.

Perhaps it’s time to start tracking high-performance home listings and sales?

Our platform provides your agents the ability to log continuing education hours and designations that apply to the high-performance home market. We can help you use that information to highlight your company’s sustainability success.

Has your office adopted a paperless transaction service? These services increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction as well as lower paper consumption which is better for your budget and the environment.

Simple sustainability best practices in your office promote team building and have a positive effect on your bottom-line. Let us help educate your staff about sustainability best practices. Little things can make a big difference…switching to energy-efficient lighting and programmable thermostats lower your company’s operating costs.

We understand that sustainability is a lot to think about for the average brokerage or franchise. That’s why we are providing an off-the-shelf solution to make your real estate pros and staff look like high-performance heros!

The combination of increased sales and lower operating costs equals a healthy and sustainable bottom-line…

Take a quick five question survey about your real estate office’s current sustainability efforts…

Sustainability eSchool

The high-performance home is the best product building-science can deliver to the market. Are your agents  eschool_iconready to deliver the benefits of the HPH product to consumers in the communities you serve?

Are your agents prepared to effectively market high-performance homes? Are they sufficiently familiar with solar PV or LEED certification to represent clients and homes with these features?

Under-reporting of high-performance home features is a concern across the U.S.

Could your agents unintentionally mislead buyers due to a lack of knowledge and competence of green homes?

A recent study of 66,000 home sales in Texas found that listings using the words “energy efficient” sold for 5.8% more than comparable homes without these upgrades.

Have you wondered about the valuation of healthier and more energy-efficient homes? Are your listing agents providing accurate guidance to sellers about these properties?

The National Association of REALTORS is testing the effectiveness of indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors that give real-time feedback to consumers on humidity, temperature, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon dioxide. The concept of “wellness” is becoming a driver of the luxury home market.

Become a member to access a monthly webinar series with the latest information on high-performance green homes. Every agent in your office is welcome to join us in the privacy of their own home or office.

Check out a few of our webinars for free! Ensure that your agents have access to the most up-to-date information about the high-performance home marketplace.

Marketing Sustainability Success

marketing_iconDid you know that 69% of consumers are making purchasing decisions based on a company’s environmental reputation?

Are your agents reaching out to past, present and future customers with opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of their home, and increase equity at the point of sale?

Do your agents use local utility incentives that lower home owners operating costs as part of a drip campaign?

We provide off-the-shelf marketing solutions your agents, teams and brokerages can use on social media to reach their sphere of influence.

Need a press release template highlighting your office’s sustainability achievements to the communities you serve? We’ve got you covered!

Maybe it’s time to consider how sustainable branding can separate you from the competition…it sure beats the tired baseball calendars that the other brokers send out.

Become a member to access the full set of templates and promotional materials to help communicate your sustainability success.

Engagement & Recruitment


Engaging your staff, agents, and the communities you serve with legitimate sustainability branding gives your company the edge it needs to grab more market-share.

Two-thirds of consumers consciously choose to avoid specific products due to environmental concerns, a figure that has increased by 26% in the last six years, according to (Tetra Pak’s) latest environmental research.

Does your staff need some fresh ideas about how to lower your operating costs as well as your carbon footprint?

Have you considered offering community programs about the value of energy efficient upgrades or solar panels at the point of sale? We can show you how it’s done…

Does your municipality have a committee or department focused on sustainability or energy? Is someone from your company involved?

Would you like to be connected with a national referral network of real estate pros that understand the value of high-performance homes?

Take this short survey to assess  your knowledge of the high-performance home market.

We understand that sustainability branding is a lot to think about for a busy real estate brokerage. Our off-the-shelf product provides a painless and simple solution to engaging your staff, your agents, and your community.

Green Toolkit

toolkit_iconDid you know that the Appraisal Institute created a document that helps appraisers account for homes with green certifications, energy efficiency and solar PV improvements?

Did you know that there is an easy app your agents can use to estimate utility costs when a buyer is considering making an offer?

Did you know that the National Association of Realtors has a Realtor Sustainability program?

Did you know there is a national search directory for homes with HERS Index Scores?

Issues like mold, vermiculite, asbestos, flooding  and drinking water contamination can be deal killers – would you like a resource that gives home buyers and sellers access to solutions to these and other problems?

Are you aware of state and federal incentives for homeowners to lower their operating costs or invest in renewable power?

Become a member to access our full set of resources. You’ll receive our Environmental Solutions Resource List, information on sustainability best-practices, and materials your agents need in order to effectively and accurately list homes with solar panels and other energy-efficient features.

Value Of Green Homes



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