Homeselfe Featured on San Diego’s ABC 10 News

Ameeta-Interview-on-ABC-300x166Every single day, you could be losing out on easy ways to save money on electric bills, but a new “selfie” app can bring down the high energy costs that come with living in California. Gayle Montisano took what’s called a “homeselfie” today.

“I was like, ‘Homeselfie?’ I thought that was interesting,” she said.

Montisano hopes it’ll help her cut back on her electric bill. She pays $150 a month in utilities at the three-bedroom townhome she bought in Chula Vista in January.

“I just know the bill comes and I have to pay it,” she said. “I’m assuming it could be less.”

New this year, Homeselfe is a free home energy audit app that asks you questions about your appliances. It then calculates how much you could save by doing things as small as changing light bulbs, or as big as upgrading washers and dryers.

“We really wanted to empower individuals to take energy efficiency into their own hands,” said Ameeta Jain, the app’s co-founder.

The app’s founders also own a company called Energy Datametrix, which has provided data to utility companies. A recent study by WalletHub ranked California as the nation’s ninth-most expensive state when it comes to energy.

Once Montisano launched the Homeselfe app and started the test, it asked whether her kitchen faucet was aerated.

Then, it was off to the laundry room, where it asked whether the appliances where Energy Star rated. The answer was yes.

For the bathrooms, the question was whether the toilets were low flow, and the app asked for details on her front door.

After about five minutes, she got the results. If she did everything the app recommended, she could save $71 a month. It’s money she said she’d put to good use.

“Oh absolutely, I’d be going out a lot more, spending more time with my family,” Montisano said.

Going out more, and taking selfies anywhere but home.