Saving on Electricity Bills This Summer

Electricity costs usually skyrocket during the summer as homeowners rely on air conditioning to cool off. Other appliances like dehumidifiers and refrigerators also see more usage, again increasing your utility bills. The U.S. News & World Report recognizes this issue in its “8 Ways to Trim Your Summer Electric Bills” article. They recommend their 8 best ways to beat the…

HomeSelfe Announces App to Help REALTORS® Stay in Touch with Clients

Congratulations! You have helped one of your clients sell their existing home or buy their dream home. Now what? If you’re like many other REALTORS®, you may just shake your client’s hand and hope that they will remember your hard work the next time they’re in need of a REALTOR®. But unfortunately, things rarely work out this way. In fact,…

NAR’s Reach Accelerator Program Hits Back On HomeSelfe

NAR (the National Association of REALTORS®) has recently announced their acceptance of qualified candidates for an opportunity to enter into the 2017 REach ® Accelerator Class. As a part of Second Century Ventures, NAR’s REach® program seeks to pave avenues for tech startups and existing entities with newer approaches to enter into the real estate market. NAR acknowledged one of…

5 Vital Tools For Agents In The Unsure Real Estate Market

When it comes to the rocky real estate world, The Business Insider, along with other experts and agents, are becoming confused over the future of this vital marketplace. Will it boom or bust, sink or surge, collapse or continue to take off as a valuable investment opportunity over the next few years? The Business Insider’s statistics from Bloomberg are all…

HomeSelfe on the Frugal Toad

With a name like frugal toad, you’ll know this website is committed to helping people save both money and energy while being “greener” to the earth at the same time. In a recent article entitled, “How To Keep Warm In The Winter (Without Freezing Your Wallet), this money saving site is offering practical solutions like the HomeSelfe app for lowering…

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